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Falköping Marching Band

The history of the Drum corps origins from military needs. Drums and trumpets were used to give signals in the eld.Today our Drum corps performs at concerts, ceremonies and celebrations – playing signals, fanfares and marches but also modern music. The main attraction is playing while performing a gurative marching program with strict drill and exercise – this way keeping the link to our history.

Falköping Marching Band started as marching drummers within the Falköping Music School

in the spring of 1992. Late in 1994 the drummers were reinforced with 4 trumpet and 2 trombone players – signalling the birth of what is now Falköping Marching Band. This new team developed a rather simple gurative marching program – playing signals and cadences while performing their drill and exercise. The following year, another 4 brass members were added and more complicated figurative programs/show were created in which also the twirlers play an important and active role.

In April 1996 we gave our first big concert in Odenhallen, Falköping. At this occasion our uniforms were used for the first time – made possible by generous support from the local businesses life and from the City of Falköping. One month later our breakthrough came as we won the Swedish Championship for DrumCorps! Also in 1996 we went to Italy and Lido di Jesolo and again had a very successful visit.

In May 1998 we visited Stockholm – celebrating the Cultural Capital of Europe this year – playing with other Nordic orchestras. We were also invited to perform our program at Skansen – a Swedish National open-air museum – after a long march through Stockholm.


Celebrating the first five years – in style!

In 1999-2000 the Drum corps celebrated the five-year jubilee. On May 10th we had a big jubilee concert, hosting the Swedish Army Drum corps in Odenhallen. One week later – on May 17th we were again abroad in Norway to participate in Norway’s National Day Parades in Lier. Next stop was Bournemouth, England, where the annual International Music Festival was held in summertime. This became an exceptional experience since we won 1st price in the international class for entertainment orchestras. Odentattoo 2002 was held in Falköping in April 2002. Participating orchestras were Falköpings Trumkår, Helsingör Pigegarde from Denmark, Göteborg DrumCorps, Gislaved Drum & Drillcorps, Falköpings Twirlers and Falköpings youth band.

2002 – 2003

During the summer of 2002 the Drum- & BugleCorps participated in a music travel to Lido di Jesolo in northeastern Italy. During the trip and stay there they made several performances and concerts, one very special beach concert and the Grand Finale in Piazza Aurora together with six other Swedish youth orchestras.A day trip toVenice was one of the highlights beside the musical part. In the autumn of 2002 it was once again time to let a new group of aspirants start in the orchestra. Drum- & BugleCorps was participated in a tattoo in Gislaved and in the RUM fes- tival in Örebro. In Örebro, the annual competitions among youth were performed and Falköpings Drum- & BugleCorps with twirlers won both the marching and the entertainment parts of the competitions.They ended as number ve in the concert competition.This gave a total record of 127 points and hence resulted in the overall win for Falköping.This result was the greatest achievement of the orchestra since they won the SM 1996.

Ten year jubilee and odentattoo 2004

The 10th anniversary of Falköpings Drum- & BugleCorps will be celebrated with Odentattoo 2004 in Falköping. Later in the summer the next music travel will take place, this time to Scotland and the famous Edinburgh Tattoo.

2005 – 2006

After the journey to Scotland we recruited a lot of new members. Representatives from Fontanel- lato, Falköpings “adopted city” in Italy came to visit us in September. At that time we gave a perfor- mance to their honour at the town square.We participated at theVästeråsTattoo on 22April.We are going to celebrate our tenth anniversary for Odentattoo on 20 May.This summer we are going to participate once again in the Swedish orchestra festival in Lido di Jesolo in Italy.The twentieth
of May we had a ten-year-anniversary with Odentattoo. Orchestras taking part were Big Fat Brass from Gothenburg, Gislaved Symphonic Band and The Drum corps of Falköping. In the middle of the summer, we participated for the third time at a Swedish orchestra festival in the Italian town Lido de Jesolo.We had a great week with many occasions to play and lovely weather. For example, we had a very much appreciated beach concert by the sea. During the week, we got our new forward- pointing baritones, which the Lidén parents had fetched in northern Germany.These instruments increased our means of attracting the audience.The fall of 2006 we recruited many new members once more.We also expanded our range of instruments with alto drums.

2007 – 2008

Soon after this there was the big opening ceremony for the new music school where we were
one of the main acts in the second of March in 2007. Later In the spring we made a big change by replacing our snare drums with new marching drums.We ended the season with a trip to Den- mark playing at 50-year-anniversary of Helsingör Pigegarde. In the fall of 2007, we carried out, for the rst time, a Christmas concert together with other orchestras.We once again broadened our range of instruments by adding a mellophone, which is equivalent to the alto in the orchestra.
By the Epiphany we received a scholarship from the Black Eagle Order in Falkoping. In the spring of 2008 we hosted a big concert with the Swedish Airforce Band from Gothenburg as guests. In the summer, we participated in the World Championship for Marching Show Bands in Monza, Italy. It was a wonderful travel which provided us with a lot of great and valuable experience and we met other bands from all over the world. Last season, we travelled to Västerås and took part in a Swed- ish festival.We are now equipped with all the instruments we prefer, like tubas, mellophones, alto drum and high pitched snares.

2009 – 2010

The Kings Guards Band visited Odentatto concert in may and in July, we participated in the Swedish wind band festival in Lido di Jesolo, Italy, for the fourth time.

2011 – 2012

In august 2011 we participated in the 60th anniversary of the music school of Falköping. Once again we will arrange OdenTattoo with guests and later this year we will make a journey to Calella in Spain to participate in the music festival there.

2013 – 2014

We changed a lot of our music for the new season with new songs. In 2014 we will celebrate our 20th anniversary with a big concert in Falköping and in the summer we once again will participate in the swedish orchestra festival in Lido di Jesolo in Italy.

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